Sunday, August 19, 2007

Part 1

Midnight Madness has come and gone. It was quite possibly the best one yet.

It started normal enough until Cinnamon decided to try on a Tri outfit, too bad there weren't pictures......Oh wait.
Wow! Glad that was the only photo.....
Is that Sasquatch coming from behind the Green Door?

12 of us met at B&L last night for a night of adventure. Cinnamon Star, Dainty, Jensifer, Tee-Bahg, The Colonel, Megs the Legs and B to name a few. As tradition we carpooled to the LiveWire on El Cajon Blvd, ordered up a few beverages and began our trek to the "ride". The group really hadn't warmed up yet and kept splitting into three distinctive groups. We regrouped at the start line and rolled into the mass. I forgot to mention Dainty had half a Chicken suit on and Tee-Bahg was Bad Santa. Ms. B and her little angels were wearing pixie wings, I on the other hand was in "Evil" uniform.
To be continued. It's blazing in my house, it doesn't help sitting with the computer.

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