Monday, August 27, 2007

I have been housesitting (more like plant and cat sitting) for the past week. I have been neglecting my updates, never fear. While nosing through the piles of REI bags, Crate and Barrel boxes and cat food containers, I found out that the Queen of Neoprene owns a computer. That's where I am right now.

The shop has been slammed lately, it's not even peak season. The other day I was at the coffee shop (go figure, right?). I heard two cyclists talking about shopping for new bikes. one of the cyclists had been by a shop in La Mesa and left disgruntled since no one spoke to him "not even Hello". The other cyclist mentioned he had heard good things about B&L. Mind you I wasn't wearing any work related or cycling related shirt. i didn't recognize either rider. While they were dicussing their upcoming visit to B&L, a "racer" heard them talking and recommended they stop by B&L. I don't know any particulars (B&L South? Did they buy a bike? etc.) but, it was great hearing positive criticism from "joe public".

I am grateful for many things; One~ I am excited to go to work everyday Two~ I have great friends/family & I appreciate every single one of them Three~ I am grateful for the life I have.

Why so philosophical? I have realized lately, I am a bad communicator. I get caught up with "now" and forget to stay in contact with family and friends. I think about them each and everyday but, never get around to calling them or even emailing them. I need to work on that. Maybe they will read this blog and understand...maybe not.

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