Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My fan club have informed me that I need to update the blog. In true G fashion I told them to blow it out their ear.

Since I have been feeling better I started riding again. Sunday I rode my MTB and Monday I road the Javaboy. I finally talked to Jeremy about my Diesel and what I wanted to do with it (it on it's way up to mecca). I am starting to gather up the parts to upgrade the bike (07 Hope Mono Mini brakes, XTR cranks, King hubs, etc).

I recently installed something new to my 29er. I am trying out a pair of Ergon P1M grips. At first look they remind me of hybrid/ cruiser grips. I know several top level racers that have been using them. If they are good enough for them why not, right? They are supposed to "prevent numb fingers, and painful hands and forearms". Setup is key. Getting the grips at the correct angle for your hands is very important. The grips feature an aluminium clamp similar to ODI lockons. The grips haven't moved on me even though there is only one clamp.

I only have 2 solid rides on the grips so I can't give you a complete review but, so far so good. I only had to adjust them a little on my first ride. Review coming soon......

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