Saturday, November 11, 2006

Good God it's been a long time...

Between stress at SG, oodles of wheels needing work and keeping up with my riding, the blog has suffered.

Bike Update: The Double Dribble is currently being pieced back together. The Fox fork needs some luvin but, other than that it looks good.

I rode today. 40 miles on the 29er, what was I thinking? Although that bike is a blast to ride, it was not built for the road. I ran my errands via bike rather than my car (Bank, library, grocery, coffee, bike shop, etc).

Tomorrow's ride looks bleak since I can hear it raining outside right now. MTB will probably be out of the question but, possibly a quick road ride.

Bike in the stand:
2000 S-Works hardtail

SyCip Tall Woolies

Latyrx "The Album"

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