Sunday, November 26, 2006

Adams Avenue Bikes has a good thing going down there. Granted the shop is in a funky part of town but, the selection of party-goers was unique to say the least. From the normal Bike Geek crowd (Other shop employee's and Manufacturer employee's, etc.) to the customers that make the shop "special". Dudes with handlebar moustaches, dudes with bicolored dyed hair, rockabilly chicks, an assortment of kids, etc.

Good Times. At midnight there was some GP action, if I tell you what that means in this forum I would be forced to silence you.

3 kegs of Ballast Point beer were sacrificed last night and the crowd were forced to drink bottled...Not pretty. The BEST moment of the evening was when Jens (John Rasberry) was antiqued* while using the restroom. Although the antiquers name escapes me, Jens sought revenge. In some strange luck Timmy (MasiGuy) and the antiquer were in tight quarters together. Supposedly using the restroom but, let me tell you when yours truly was in that same restroom is was quite tight by myself much less with an overgrown MasiGuy. Jens in his first attempt at antiquing scored a 2 fer 1.

*Antiqued; to be antiqued....
To be covered in Baby powder by surprise. Powder can be thrown onto victim while sleeping or blown by compressed air under door of bathroom (as the case may be). Powder can be in Baby form, Koolaid, powdered sugar, cocaine, or baking soda.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Hey, time was running out before the race (that was rigged!), so we had to share the facilites or I'd have to pee in the bushes... I'm too modest for that.