Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good God it's been a long time.

Let's see lot's of wheelbuilding, bike repairs, riding, bbq's and work have kept me from updating this thing. I recently received some products that I need to review. I got a new helmet from Spiuk, a steel frame from Masi and some Royale GT's from SockGuy (go figure). The frame isn't built up yet so no reviews of that but, I have ridden with the helmet for over a week now.

Spiuk Nexion:
The Nexion has a novel system for fastening called COMPACTFIX, with millimetric adjustment.
It comes with an insect-repellant anti-allergic treated net and a system to prevent the loss of the helmet in the event of a fall.

It weighs 290 grams and is available in 11 colors apart from the colors of the official helmets of the Illes Balears (UCI Pro Tour) and KAIKU (Continental) teams.

Each helmet comes with a detachable visor.

At first glance the helmet looks a lot like a Bell mid-range model but, when you pick it up and really look at it you realize the difference. 290 grams is very close to the weight of the Uber expensive Giro Atmos. The interior net system is strange when you first put the helmet on, when you think about it actually is a great idea. Not only to block bugs and foreign objects but when you need to clean the pads, you won't have to worry about losing one. They are attached together via netting!
The best feature is the design of the "CompactFix" system. It has bowed out arms to allow your sunglasses to slide under. So many times I have slide my Oakley's under the strap and caused a nasty headache. I also like the padded chin cushion on the strap (also available on the Catlike helmets, ironically also made in Spain).

On bike review coming soon.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Review the damn Masi soon or we're coming to break your legs- Guido is looking for "contract" work.


Gordon said...

Hey maybe if you had given me some parts the "Speciale" (which I am pretty sure is retard in italian) would be built and rolling. So far it has headset, new fork, stem and bar.