Saturday, May 27, 2006

PRESS RELEASE - DopersSuck.Com And SockGuy Donate Funds To Junior Cyclists
By Press Release - DopersSuck
This report filed May 25, 2006


Boulder, CO - May 24, 2006 - Dopers Suck and SockGuy have created a new sock featuring the Dopers Suck logo and will donate a portion of the proceeds to junior cycling development programs across the country.

"Whether racing or training, I wanted to provide athletes with a way to express their beliefs about performance enhancing drugs and what better way to do it that with a sock! And, what better sock company to work with than SockGuy? SockGuy makes the highest quality, best fitting custom socks in the cycling industry and they were really excited to help get the message out. " stated Brandon Dwight, founder of Dopers Suck.

"We are excited to be involved with the movement to help stop the use of performance enhancing drugs," stated SockGuy President, Michael Foley. "There are many junior cycling programs doing a great job educating athletes as to why doping is unhealthy and unsafe. And we'd like to join that effort in our own small way. Let's face it, dopers cheat, dopers lie, and Dopers Suck. It is a very clear message that SockGuy is proud to help promote with our partnership with Brandon and the Dopers Suck organization."

Dopers Suck socks will be available through the Dopers Suck website (, the SockGuy website ( and at select SockGuy dealers nationwide. Interested dealers should contact SockGuy at 888.232.5376.

About Dopers Suck
Dopers Suck is an organization that opposes the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in all sports. For more info visit:

About SockGuy
SockGuy, manufacturer of the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear, is a ten-year-old San Diego-based company providing specialty socks that feature superior comfort, cool designs, and extreme durability. SockGuy has hundreds of original sock designs to fit a variety of athletic activities that are sold in thousands of retail locations across the U.S. and distributed throughout Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the U.K. The company creates customized logo socks for events, clubs, companies and schools, so they can be found at large and small events everywhere. More information can be found at

Contact: Brandon Dwight / 303-444-2453 /
Contact: Michael Foley/ 760-804-1344 /


Anonymous said...

where can I buy Dopers Socks?

Gordon said...
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Gordon said...

I am not sure where you can buy "Dopers" socks but, you can buy "Dopers Suck" socks from any SockGuy dealer.