Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Man blogger has been freaking out lately....
I tried seven times last night to post but, no dice.

Old Pueblo is this weekend...yay. The "F"ing german backed out of racing with "his" team. He is the captain of the team, the got to guy, the registar, the one that got us together to ride..."Hey guys let's get a team together for a fun trip, I don't really want to race hard just get a few laps..." I call Bullshit. Plus the team he is going to ride for is going for the gold. Granted they are the "Brokeback Mountain Boys" and he goes for that sort of thing, just ask him about JK. Let's see I could be a dirty slut or a Gay Cowboy hmmm that's a hard decision. fucker.

Well either way I am going for five laps. I don't know how many of those will be in the wee hours of the morning but, never the less.

bike is ready, I on the other hand am not.

CD playing: GSW "Who's driving"
Socks: PBR promo's
In the stand: Gunnar Rockhound 29er

Off to sleep, I need to get all the sleep I can since I won't be sleeping much this weekend.

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