Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm back!

Well, going into the race my goal was 5 laps. After all of us did our first lap I knew 5 was a little high. Let preface the situation; Our Team Captain resigned from our team to race with "The cool guys". So another rider who lost his team volunteered to join our team, only to find out at the race that he was racing on a two man as well. I am pretty sure he only did one lap for us. Our first rider "SB"* rode a 1:50 lap(including the run), the second rider "SDS" rode a 1:20, third "GY" 1:28, "ER" brought home a 1:15 and "SW" rode a 1:26.

*SB= Sarah Breyer
SDS= Steve Bacce
GY= Me
ER= Ed Radcliffe
SW= Steve Worley

The second laps were as follows;

SDS 3:00ish (2 flats), SW 1:45, GY 1:55, SB 2:00ish, SW 1:30ish and the last lap was a blistering GY with a 1:30. Unfortunately we didn't have anyone that wanted to go out again so I waited out on the trail until noon, so my time shows 2:02.

I was flying on my first lap. I felt awesome, the bike handled great and no mechanicals. I beat last years lap by over 20 minutes! My second lap was ugly. 1:30 in the morning is not my kind of fun but, I got up and pressed on. I am just glad it was under 2:00. I really wanted the last lap. There wasn't any pressure to get back before noon, I could cruise or work it. i rode really hard in the begininng and decided to slow down and have some fun, keep it smooth. This bike rails. In the middle of my lap I caught up to Roger L. from the Sycip Team, he was racing Solo SS. We talked for a few minutes then I let him go. We kept in contact though, he was spent from all the spinning on the course (that's the only way I could have kept up with him). Towards the end of the lap, a bunch of us stopped and waited for noon. I needed some shade so I cruised a little further. As I passed the solo pits, Dejay stopped me and passed me a beer. Mmmmm good timing. He was racing on team and sharing pit with the DC crew. Fat Tire on Tap, nice. I was in full "Watermelon"* so I was easy to pick out and I got several nicknames during the race.

* Full Watermelon= SockGuy Green camo bibs, armwarmers and Pink camo jersey.

I had a blast! I am really proud of my 3 laps. That is one of the best 24hour races around, Thanks Todd S.

Congrat's go out to my Team, we didn't need Jensy-pooh after all.

The drive home was ruthless...Both my passengers fell asleep and were out cold for 85% of the trip, thanks. Jensy would wake up long enough to poke me with his finger and ask me if I was awake then he would fall back to sleep, @sshole.

Race product review:

I tried several "Energy drinks" on the trip home. Some had good flavor, good source of energy, etc.

Full Throttle: Taste- Fruity Red Bull, Energy- iffy
Amp: Taste- Mountain Dew with Guarana, Energy- superb
RockStar Double caffiene: Taste- Red bullish, Energy- better than FT
Sugarfree Red Bull: Taste- Blah, This should only be consumed with Vodka.
Starbucks Frap: Taste- Not as good as the real thing and too much fat.

So that it for now. I am going to ride the 29er urban style this afternoon.

So you on the trail,


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