Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This week is my first full week at SG, even though it's a short week. The transition has been rough, stressful and exciting all at the same time. SG has been very supportive through it all.

I am very excited to settle down and get situated at work. I am still in newby mode running around, not 100% comfortable with all the processes. Ryan says he'll give me another week to get comfortable, Gee thanks....

The Holiday socks are in! We only ordered ten dozen of each style so they are very Limited Editions. We have the Reindeer sock in white, the Santa sock in green and my favorite the "HO" sock in red. Call your local dealer to order yours!

Socks on my feet: Crown Crew
Music playing: Soul Coughing "Unreleased"
Food in mouth: Thai Peanut noodles
Bike in the stand: Kelly Knobby X

Thanksgiving is soon....I haven't made up my mind where I am going, as usual, but I am sure it will be excellent.

Until next time.....

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