Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This past weekend flew by.

We MTB'd on Saturday, I rode the Double Dribble again. I need to get my will back so that I can start riding the Diesel again, maybe this weekend....

I worked Tech Support for the CAF San Diego Triathalon Challenge on Sunday. Basically I drove around in circles along the course helping people with flat fixes and other basic repairs. I really enjoy it, it's a good group of peep's. I have ridden basically that same coursea hundred times and I can't imagine having the strength and will power to battle up those climbs in a handcycle. After my last loop I headed back to the expo area and hungout with the SockGuy's (and Gal) as well as my serrogate mom KS. We sold some socks and helped teardown the booth. Good times.

I was eager to get back to the shop, unload my car and head home to eat my rabbit food but, I was talked into drinking a few pitchers instead. Hey at least I forced down some chicken tenders, I can't believe they are fat free!

I am back at work this week. Got to go.....

Talk to you soon,


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