Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BP is a stud. Make sure you come out to Sunday's "Storm the Beach" cyclocross race and see BP kill it and complete his record.

"Celo Pacific Members, and friends of Celo,
I came across an interesting statistic this week.  Celo Pacific's own ace cyclocrosser, Brent Prenzlow, has 99 ELITE level cyclocross wins (does not include Masters or other races prior to reaching the Elite level).  He will compete this Sunday at Storm the Beach, his "home" course, with the opportunity to reach the 100 Elite win milestone.

I want to take this opportunity to mention something just as remarkable about Brent, who as many of you know, is a relatively soft-spoken, humble guy.  The time & energy he spends unselfishly volunteering for the club is off the charts.  From website design and updates, building our cross courses, bringing in sponsors, to mentoring our amateur racers, he gives up countless hours of time he otherwise could be out doing something training!

A little more on his bio: He has spent 15 seasons of hard work and dedication to cyclocross - almost all of it with Celo Pacific.  He's proud of his accomplishments, but never overly confident.  With 100 wins just on the horizon, his goals don't stop there..."The one thing missing from my resume is a national jersey.  I need to take care of that" he says.

I know he'd love to get the big win on his home course in front of his team and friends, but we all know you can't predict what will happen in a cyclocross race, or who will show up on good form.  I assure you Brent will give 100% and we will all hope for the best.  Please come on out and cheer him on.

Here's his complete resume:

Mark Campaigne

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