Monday, February 02, 2009

My legs feel less like dead weights today.

Last week marked my first full week back on the bike. I need some type of motivation to get back out there, a new paint job and groupo are working.

Monday and Tuesday last week I commuted to work via Carlsbad (I rode north to Carlsbad then turned around, for some extra miles). Wednesday I had my Night Ride that was a little faster than I had in my legs. Thursday I had an easy paced 20 miles before work. Friday I rode with DB, Bigos & Sean. Saturday was supposed to be my rest day but, I had previously volunteered to ride a spin bike at the annual YMCA Spinathon (This year I got away with only 2 hours on the bike). Sunday I rode an easy 30 miles with Karen. Today thankfully I drove to work. I'm glad I rested the legs. They were starting to feel sore.


Tony said...

Sounds like you're getting after it. Don't do too much too fast and burn out though. Sore legs bad. The bike looks good!

mateo372 said...

It's Matt (SDBC). Is the Wednesday ride on this week? If so, where and when does it start? Thanks!