Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Every once and awhile I miss home....

Sometimes it's family, sometimes it's friends and sometimes it's the lifestyle. I recently saw an episode of "Thre Sheets" in which they traveled to Louisville to find out the difference between bourbon and whiskey. 

"All bourbon is whiskey but, not all whisky is bourbon."

Wikipedia offers a pretty good description but, I explain that bourbon has to be atleast 51% corn. Anyway during the show the host visits a new restaurant in town called "Bourbons Bistro", From the look of their 2 page Bourbon list I might need to make a trip to the 'Ville sooner than later. They offer 3 versions of my favorite bourbon of all time, Pappy Van Winkle. I have had the fortunate luck to have owned a bottle of 15yr, 18yr and 20yr Pappy. I am nursing a bottle of 18 right now. I will cry audibly when the last drop is poured into my glass (i'll keep the bottle in memory).

"There are no bad bourbons, just better bourbons."  

If anyone finds a bottle of Pappy let me know. I need to prepare for the inevitable.

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