Friday, December 14, 2007

So here is the story....

First off the sickness took a lot out of me (including not riding, not working out, etc.). Too make matters worse I was becoming more lazy by the day. I decided to cancel my cable and unfortunately that included my internet. Needless to say I was lost. My house doesn't have phone lines so I can't use my modem and there aren't too many "wireless" networks in my neighborhood.

I am an internet nomad. I use my friends internet when I visit or sometimes use my neighbors connection (when I can). I'll try to post when I possible. I am working on a new connection, cross your fingers.

B&L's Holiday party is the weekend! It's always a good time. Plus I am going to a concert tomorrow night, the 94.9 Holiday Hootenany. I am looking forward to Pinback and Queens of the Stone Age. The other bands I am not quite familiar with but, should be fun.

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