Sunday, December 17, 2006

Endura Hummvee Knickers

I ordered a pair last week and they arrived Friday afternoon. Sunday I was scheduled for a long slow ride (rain or shine), the perfect test for the Hummvee's. Let's look at the spec's first.

At first glance they look like "Long" baggies, which I guess they are. Unlike baggies these things have more panels, more pockets, more vents and a removeable liner. The liner has a decent looking pad similar to the Squadra or Voler pad, six panels and multiple snaps around the waist to attach to the outer short. The outer short has Six pockets (That I have found). One on the left just above the knee that has 2 vents. Two pockets on either side that are approximately six inches deep. Two front pockets with zippers, that reminds me the zipper pulls are textured. Why is that so inportant? When it's a blustery SoCal day out, my numb fingers have difficulty opening pockets to get my keys or iPod. There is also a zippered pocket just above the right knee. On the left side there is a swivel hook, I assume it's for your keys but I like keeping my keys safely inside the pocket. The bottom of the legs have a velcro closure that allows you to adjust the leg openings.

My ride started at my house and went down the coast to Del Mar. At first it felt weird wearing baggies on the road, then I realized I am weird. The legs didn't bunch at my knees, the liner provided plenty of padding and it didn't move around. I wasn't overheating like I normally do with knee warmers. The vents behind the knees and thighs provided enough comfort, I think the real test will be when it's a little warmer.

So far I am really happy with them. The quality is top notch. I might have to order a jersey and some gloves to test as well. I will try them out on the trail this weekend but, I can't imagine they will be any different. I got 52 miles in them today with no chafing.

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miles said...

Ha! YOu laughed then, but you aren't laughing now, are you? I swear, I've worn mine on pretty much every ride since I got 'em.