Thursday, December 29, 2005

Have a happy holiday?

I rode the snot out of my bikes this past weekend. Went for an early morning cruise with the B&L clan Saturday, Sunday I rode Hodges (North and South) with The Chicken Sympathizer, Shaggy and Scooby. Monday the CS and I rode Goodan Ranch. Only one mishap and that was because I was pushing myself beyond my limit. I rode the Pave Tuesday and Wednesday alone.

This week is inventory time at SG (SockGuy for the newbies). We definitely do not need anymore Pink Flames or Low Cut Turtles.

PBS has a couple projects in the hopper;

1. The Super Unleaded is coming along.
2. LBT's Gunnar should be in soon and the first installment of his parts will be here on Monday.
3. I have a couple sets of wheels to build by Saturday. Fun, fun.....I'm serious.

Anybody have ride plans?



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