Monday, September 26, 2005

First Post!

I just got back from the 24 hours of Idyllwild MTB Race. Wow, if you have never raced a 24 hour race or even visited one you are really missing a spectacular event.

I supported a 4 person team ( Team Sexual Tyranosaurus) this weekend. They consistantly amaze me! This was the third time I had the chance to work with them and although some of the riders change, the team is quite possible the strongest out there. They race their Singlespeed MTB's in the same category with the geared full suspension guys and get top 3 place every time. This weekend consisted of the following team members;

Dan Breyer (DeSalvo SS)
Elliott Doyle (Kelly Deluxe SS)
John Brindell (Niner one 9 SS)
Tony Smith (Kelly RoShamBo)

Tony and Dan also race Solo 24 hour races and I have supported for those races as well. Tony Smith was the 24 hours of Adrenalin World Solo Singlespeed Champion in 2004 as well as the Adrenalin National Solo Singlespeed Champion for 2004. Dan Breyer placed in the high Top Ten at Nationals as well. Good job guys and see you soon!

I heading out to Las Vegas on Thursday morning (crack of dawn) for the 2005 Interbike Convention. Interbike is the largest, cycling industry only, Product showing in the US. I can't wait to see the latest and greatest doodads, stare at the scantily clad women, laugh at the weird looking bike junkies and pay $8.00 for a hot dog. Yay. Don't get me wrong I will have a great time. Stubby and I are driving up together, that will be an adventure in itself.

So until next time,

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